sculpture and design


About Sally

Sally has studied art since childhood.  After spending a year at Parson’s school of design, she studied for six years in Artist Mike Skop’s studio. Since then she has pursued both her art and her Zen practice, taught painting drawing and sculpture classes, and has recently become a full-time sculptor (while also being a full-time mother.)


Before I begin sculpting I practice Japanese brushwork.  Through the meditative process of mixing ink and following my own breath, I quiet my thoughts in an effort to create work that is an expression of what is inside me at that moment, rather than a planned idea of what I am going to accomplish that day.  I am always surprised by what flows out of me.

I have been an artist since birth and have cultivated a style and philosophy that follows in the Zen tradition.  The subject matter of each piece has its roots in ancient Japanese folklore as well as contemporary interpretations of Buddhist teachings.  Because of my love for the Japanese aesthetic, I have put my heart into understanding Wabi- Sabi:  A Japanese aesthetic that accepts beauty as imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.  It is the beauty of things modest, humble and unconventional.  I believe that a close examination of the natural world allows an artist to speak of things beyond the physical and tune oneself to the ephemeral.